Terms & Conditions


Fuel rebate offer is subject to full terms and conditions outlined below.

    1. Rebate maybe withdrawn at anytime without notice.
    2. Rebate is payable 8 weeks after the settlement of the loan. rebate can not be taken as a cash payment
    3. Loan approval subject to normal lending policies.
    4. Minimum Loan amount of $300,000
    5. A fuel rebate of $500 inclusive of GST is payable to all applicants who apply direct with Fuel Home loans.
    6. A fuel rebate of $250 is payable for any clients referred to Fuel Home loans with in 8 weeks of settlement of the loan.
    7. No fuel rebate is payable to all applicants which are referred via a third party referrer. Please check with your referrer.
    8. This offer is only available through our approved lenders. Please contact us for approved lender list.
    9. All loans discharged within 18 months of settlements will be required to repay the full amount of fuel rebate.
    10. This offer does not apply to all Lo Doc and No doc products.
    11. The rebate is not payable on any Lenders Mortgage Insurance premium.
    12. Where lending is consolidated with the same lender you're already with, rebate is only applicable and paid on the new funds borrowed.







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